Choosing Discount Glasses Is a Way to New Life

Most of us will think about crazy domesticated wives when referring to “discount”. We always think it is embarrassing to buy discount goods which make us menial and mark us poor. But it is really a tendency nowadays that purchasing discount commodities means more advanced consumption concept and favorable quality.

Here I will take eyeglasses as an example to show what changes discount goods can bring us. Each time we go to optician for new eyeglasses when our degree turns deeper. We envy once watching others wearing more expensive eyeglasses than ours and ask for it from our parents at home. This is not a regular phenomenon which reflects our young value and outlook on money. Only if such things can satisfy our need is good enough. My first eyeglass was bought 7 years ago when I was a junior three student. The total price of a frame of a pair of glasses and eyeglasses is more than $80. It was very good at that time, but it broke up just three months later after which I had to buy a new pair. However, last year I bought a new pair especially for basketball game which cost me less than 200 Yuan. And it makes my eyes see more clear and shoot more accurately. Till today it is still in good condition without any damage. Then I realize that cheaper goods don’t mean worse in quality while more expensive goods don’t always stand for better usage. What we need to notice when shopping is what is necessary for us and which means more important between price and quality for us. (PS: is a good place to buy our eyeglasses because it can meet our satisfactions whether on price or quality)

Through buying eyeglass, we can find that discount good does not mean bad thing. We always feel so when hearing “discount goods” only because our initial mind think so. As we grow mature, we should be more rational. Our way to life also needs improving. These adults who behave young both in public and private are always looked down upon due to their behavior matching their ages quite bad. What’s more, we are still made offerings to consider for our parents that their money is not so easy to earn.

Totally speaking, buying discount glasses never shows that one’s poor or unfashionable but his matureness and possessiveness, and it will be, no, it’s already a fashion today.