Prescription Glasses on Sale

I have never thought a single pair of glasses could be so important to me. When I own it, I don’t imagine what will be when I lose it. When I exactly lose it, I feel very painful. I know it is easy for me to get a new pair of glasses since there are so many optical stores in the city where I live in but it is hard for me to find a suitable one just like my last pair. I left my eyeglasses on the taxi when I was in a hurry to school. It was once my birthday present by my father and it was my first pair of prescription glasses in my life. I treasure it very much but due to my carelessness, I lose it forever. Father bought it in Singapore when he took a business trip there. The unique design attracted his attention at first sight and he bought it without much hesitation. Now he comforts me with soft words and decides to buy a similar pair in America for me. I refuse his proposal because this time I want to make my own choice. And I tell him that if he really wants to offer help, it is very kind of him to support me by giving me enough money. Well, I get it!

With the money, I ask a friend to company me to visit a local glasses store near my home. It is a well-designed store with a large amount of consumers every day. When we enter the store, the shop assistant welcomes us with a big smile. He introduces several pairs of glasses to me and advises me to put them on to see the effects. Though the glasses are very fabulous, the high price makes me hesitate. At that moment, my friend reminds me of another choice that I may try online shopping. She is sure it is a beneficial chance for me to order glasses.

Just as she expects, prescription glasses are much cheaper than those we see on the entity shop. Moreover, there are more types of glasses for me to choose. My shopping place lies on the site of that is recommended by her. No matter the design, price or the service is satisfactory. I am happy to find such a good store and through careful selection, I make my own decision. I hope this time I will own it forever.